Todd worked with my daughter and my son during middle school and high school years, primarily on history and civics, including the dreaded AP World History. Todd developed great rapport with both of them, and tailored and his teaching approach to their learning styles.  He used anecdotes, plain language, and comparisons to current events to make history and abstract concepts relatable for them. He was also flexible with scheduling, and always tried to make himself available on short notice for emergency test preparation.We would recommend Todd to any family."

-Kris F. - Parent

"Todd tutored my son for two years and the improvement was amazing. His SAT score improved by 150 points, his writing score by 50 points and his ACT score by 7 points. We also so saw the quality of his writing improve drastically. He enjoyed working with Todd and they established a great connection." 

-Melissa E. - Parent

Todd made the experience fun and enjoyable. He helped me a lot with AP World History and my test scores increased substantially and so did my understanding of the material. He was very good at keeping me calm and focused."

-Samantha F.  - Student

“Todd was my rock. He helped me push through all the studying and gave me techniques and strategies needed for the SAT and ACT.  He also helped me write my college admission and transfer essays. He asks all the right questions and I don't know where I would be without him."

-Kelly C. - Student

“I responded well to Todd. His help with my writing was very beneficial. I saw significant changes in SAT scores, my vocabulary and my writing skills. I would definitely recommend Todd to other students."

-Jessica F. - Student